Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) skyline will be changing in the near future

If you ever looked at the Downtown LA skyline and really pay attention, you’ll notice that all the high rises have flat roofs. Well now look at all the skylines in major metropolitan cities; New York, Chicago, San Francisco etc… you will notice that there are designs on the rooftops. Well Los Angeles high rises have flat roofs for a reason. About 40 years rules passed that these properties will need to accommodate a helipad. This is mainly for emergency purposes if there is a fire so that a helicopter can land safely on the roof. According to the NY Times, this 40 year old rule is going to change.

In the past 40 years, only once has a helicopter been used to pluck people from the top of a building on fire, Los Angeles officials said: Five people were rescued from the top of the 62-story First Interstate Bank Building as it burned on May 4, 1988


There are modern advances that will help eliminate the need for helipads on rooftops. In addition the city is going to make other requirements such as an additional elevator for fire staff, or additional cameras and stairs. 

Overall it looks like in the next 10 years we will see some interesting spires or designs on our Downtown LA skyscrapers.