Our process in Leasing, Marketing Vacancies in Studio City and Sherman Oaks

Managing houses and homes in Studio City & Sherman Oaks has been a core portion of our business for over 11 years.

The steps we take are as follows:

1. Make sure the property is in rent ready condition. Potential renterss can focus on the tiniest flaws, and dirt so making sure the property is painted and clean is crucial.

2. Taking photographs. For the interiors of the property we only use a wide angle lens to bring out the true feel for what the rooms look like. For larger High end properties we hire professional photographers to assist and retouch photos.

3. Then advertising our properties to every channel possible is crucial. We market on over a dozen websites. If a tenant is looking to lease, they will definetly find our ad.

4. Knowing how to properly screen tenants is probably the most important step in leasing rental properties. Running credit checks to reveal FICO score, runny Telecheck, verifying bank statements, employment and previous rental history. Once a tenant is screened thoroughly, we will approach our client (Landlord) with all the information, and they will decide to accept or decline the application.

5. Once a renter is approved we will proceed in collection of security deposit money, 1st months rent. Paperwork such as the lease is drafted along with all the associated addendums related to the property/area. It’s very important that the Lease has the language necessary to protect the Landlord and the management company from issues that can potentially arise when have a rental property.For more information or questions about our process contact us by calling (818)501-5518,